A Background Analysis Of Prudent Methods In Online Roulette

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The Senate plan (SB 8) would allow "racinos" like Mardi Gras to also operate 25 blackjack tables. Cary Thiel, executive director of Grey2K USA, maintained that dog racing is not only a thing of the past but is costing the state money and has led to the cruel treatment of racing animals by some operators who use the greyhounds as a means to operate more lucrative poker rooms. "This industry has found itself out of touch with where mainstream values are regarding the humane treatment of animals," Thiel said, pledging that his group would continue its crusade to end dog racing until the activity is eliminated. Lonny Powell, CEO and executive vice president of the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association, cautioned that eliminating thoroughbred racing --- now taking place only at Gulfstream Park and Tampa Bay Downs --- would decimate an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs. Lawmakers' discussion of decoupling over the past few years has injected an element of fear into the state's horse industry, Powell said. "It's like an anvil hanging over your head every day with a real thin rope," he said. Decoupling all horse breeds --- not contemplated in the Senate proposal --- would have a "nuclear" effect, Powell warned. "The industry will quickly dissipate. It would be cataclysmic for the second-largest thoroughbred breeding industry in North America," he said. Powell also called slot machines pari-mutuel racing's biggest threat.

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