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19 . 2. Lees unique voice comes from loads of hard work. Before he was discovered by his future manager online gambling Larry McFaden, Lee lived in Las Vegas during the 70s. He worked as a blackjack dealer by day and played in clubs by night. The smoked-filled lounges had an effect on his voice giving it a gravelly quality that would make him famous. 3. He was one of countrys biggest stars in the 80s. Lee finally made it big during the 1980s and had a string of number hits on the country charts. In just three years, he had seven number 1 songs which were, Somebodys Gonna Love You, Going, Going, Gone, Dixie Road, I Dont Mind the Thorns (If Youre the Rose), Dont Underestimate My Love for You, Hearts Arent Made to Break (Theyre Made to Love), and Mornin Ride. Click Here To See Pics From President Obamas 2013 Inauguration 4. He has been honored by presidents before. In 2008, President George W. Bush appointed Lee for a six year term on the National Council of the Arts .

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